This is test run with some scrap 1/8” acrylic plastic. This was to determine if the material was appropriate for this project.
 After much trial and error I settled on an opaque, colorless, 1/8” acrylic plastic to build my board.  I originally wanted to use 1/16” acrylic, but it would warp from the heat of the laser.
 The font on the numbered tokens was chosen so they can be easily read regardless of thier orientation.  The dots beneath the numbers represent the probability of that number being rolled with two 6-sided dice. The more dots, the greater the probability.
 The designs on these hexagonal pieces represent the 5 different resources acquired in the game.   Top Left:  Ore    Top Right:  Wheat   Bottom Left:  Brick    Bottom Middle:  Sheep    Bottom Right:  Wood
 When the acrylic sheet is bought, it comes with a thin sheet of paper on the front and back. I left the paper on when etching so that it would act as a stencil when painting. This way, I can be messy with my paint job then remove the paper to reveal clean lines.
 The entire board painted and put together.
 Here you can see the cleanliness of the design and paint job after removing the paper from the surface.
 All of the paper is now removed on the whole board to show clear designs.
 My new Settlers of Catan being played and enjoyed without any confusion.
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