About me

My name is Asher Friedman, and I'm a third generation Texan living in New York City. I came to New York to pursue a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at New York University, but quickly discovered my love for User Experience and made a hard shift to get my graduate degree in that field from NYU instead. I discovered I have a passion for both engineering and design, and tend to use an analytical approach for all my creative projects.

As one of four children, I come from a close-knit family. A father from South Africa and a mother from the Texas/Mexico border has provided me with a unique view of the spectrum of the world’s cultures. Living in NYC has helped add to that, but it’s also made me appreciate the life and landscape I left behind when I moved here.

I didn’t understand how right my mom was when, as a child, she would tell me to “Get off the box and go play outside” (the “box” was her universal word for a TV, computer, or video game console). I have a deep respect for technology, but have found myself appreciating every opportunity to spend time in nature.

The primal connection I have to my environment when I’m in the elements is the experience I want my users to have too. I want to blend the natural world with the manufactured one. I want to bridge the gap between the artists and the engineers. After studying under these two different fields, I don’t see why they can’t function well together. My goal is now to bring harmony to these two groups as I’ve had with the rest of my life.